This is Staubo AS

Staubo AS was established in 2016 by Tor Staubo. Our goal; upend a business, help our clients prosper and create a small revolution in several industries. Staubo AS is a compentency center for battery based energy storing.

The market for energy storage in batteries is ripe for change. Lition-ion batteries have decreased in price while and dramatically improved in function. Batteries are now ready to take on fields that used to be too expensive, too dangerous or simply impractical. Choosing the right batteries and technology makes the difference between success and failure. We know what to do.

Staubo AS is not your traditional reseller. We avoid storage, transport and other costs - so that we can offer you the products you need at a substantially lower price. You shop directly from the producer at a low price while we provide the local expertise. Staubo AS are paid by the manufacturer. We have agreements with a wide range of manufacturers to assure we can always choose the best products for your project.

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